How Much Of An Impact Can Vastu Interiors Have On Your Office? -

How Much Of An Impact Can Vastu Interiors Have On Your Office?

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A Office is more than just an attractive place to spend 1/3rd of your life. The atmosphere and feel of a place have a significant impact on the productivity, happiness, and future of those who use it. Are you considering working with a renowned Gurgaon interior designer to breathe fresh life and beauty into your opulent new workplace or commercial property? Definitely a wise initial move! Nearly every owner is quite picky about their new space and goes above and above to decorate it. However, there is an urgent need to pay attention to Vastu. A nicely decorated area is useless if the surrounding energies are not very favourable. 

Can Vastu Interiors Affect Your Space?

You have undoubtedly heard a lot about the significance of vaastu in space.

 Vastu is, in fact, nothing new in the circles. It actually dates back to the era when the Upavedas first appeared in history. The Vedic verses, also known as traditional knowledge and literature, gave origin to Sthapatyaveda, or the science of construction. Vastu sheds light on the fundamental relationship between people and structures and demonstrates how a few small adjustments can foster prosperity, peace, and positive qualities among the occupants of a particular location. 

In India, designers and realtors are well-versed in the significance of vastu. Why would you chance it and try to enter a place filled with strange energies? Concerning designers not doing their share, don’t be. Even Delhi/NCR’s most cutting-edge interior design firm is aware of Vastu’s effects. Today’s designers have received instruction in instructions and possess the skills necessary to produce Vastu-friendly layouts. Finding the greatest interior design firm to work with your direction demands is, in short, simple and hassle-free. 

What are the Vastu Shastra’s known odds? 

Vastu concepts mostly focus on directions and how they relate to astrology or the planets’ rotation. Negative energy can enter a space if the instructions are not followed as outlined in the proverbial passages.

Speaking of financial difficulties, did you realise that your space’s Northernmost point has a significant impact on your finances? Vastu states that any mess or flaw in the northern zone translates into financial loss. You can see a sudden decline in business, increased debt, and significant financial loss. 

The East – The eastern corner of a space is where the majority of evil and negative Vastu vibrations enter. According to Vastu principles, building high walls or placing a kitchen, bathroom or stairway on the eastern end of your home could be unlucky for you. The sun rises bright and powerful in the east. Thus, it is essential to have an open area that allows for natural light to enter from the east. 

The West – Does the Western side of a building have large windows or additions? From a Vastu perspective, this is not a favourable direction. It might encourage poor health and open the door to it. Avoid having any cuttings, wells, or windows on the western side of your land. 

Never create a comfortable dining area in the South. Negative energy enters, causing legal conflicts, an unexpected job loss, and other problems. Instead, a bedroom would be ideal. However, when you are sleeping, make sure your head is pointing south. 

Is Vastu just a system of directions?

Vastu principles cover more than just directions and zones; they also apply to decor, colour schemes, and other aspects of the home. To name a few: 

Mirrors – If not positioned carefully, a mirror’s glossy, reflected surface could be dangerous. Misery and significant losses may be welcomed. A mirror should always face either the north or the east. These are the cheerful areas that draw good energy. 

By obstructing light in an area with dark curtains, illnesses and other issues might flourish. 

Do you find the elaborate carvings and cuts on the ceiling to be beautiful? The optimum option, according to Vastu, is a flat ceiling, especially for residential buildings.

Always choose bright, shiny, and airy paints and colours to decorate a property. It invites wealth, brings in light, and is calming. Bold, dark hues like black, crimson, and grey entice negativity and cast aside a space’s good elements. 

Vastu Shastra is a philosophy with solid scientific support. Don’t be afraid to work with the “greatest interior design firm” to create a crashpad that suits your preferences. Always keep an eye on the designer’s ability to adhere to the Vastu principles, though. In Gurgaon, AirBrick distinguishes out as a well-known “interior design company”.

 Professionals here gather the best plans for your space using cues from your description of a beautiful space and Vastu information 


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